What cooking facilities are there?

The camp kitchen has 24 hour power and two refrigerators are available for guests use. 

A toaster oven, toaster, kettle, teriaki grill, double hot plate, electric barbeque, turbo oven, slow cooker, water urn, plates, saucers, mugs, cutlery, pots and pans, electric frypan, chopping board and washing up facilities are available. Table and chairs are in the camp kitchen and also shearing shed.



Do you allow Guest Vehicles, Recreational vehicles, quad bikes etc to explore the property.

Only station vehicles and tag along tours are permitted in the areas outside of the Homestead. Guest vehicles are limited to an area close to the homestead and marked trails. All travel on the property is at your own risk and you should ensure that you have adequate mapping, gps and a suitable vehicle for station roads. As you will be travelling through areas with stock and wildlife speeds should not exceed 40 kilometres per hour.


Do you allow guns and shooting on the property.

No guns or shooting is permitted at anytime.