Mellenbye Air Strip

Thinking of Flying into Mellenbye?  Let us know and we will arrange to come and collect you from your plane.

Below is the information that you will find in "Country Airstrip Guide" for the airstrip that is less than a kilometre from the homestead.

Please refer to the most recent country airstrip guide for current information.


Elevation 905 feet AMSL

Time Zone UTC +8

GPS position 28 49 313 South 116 18 135 East

area forecast 60

WAC chart Perth 3351

Strip Direction 11.29

strip length -  900m

strip surface - unsealed . - natural clay

windsock - no

strip markers- white flat half drums

lighting - no 

fuel - nil

special procedures and remarks: Beware livestock.

Caution displaced threshold runway 11. The shorter cross strip is no longer used and is not maintained.

Permission is required prior to use of the airstrip.

To see a Video of a take off in December 2018, from the airstrip, check out the facebook page for Mellenbye station stay.