A lifestyle away from the city. 

Built of local stone, the front portions of the shearing shed and stables are believed to have been the first permanent buildings on the station.

Shearers quarter accommodation have access to showers, toilets, campers kitchen, shearing shed etc. Power is on in the quarters from Sunset until 8.30 pm only. This is by a generator and by request.

There is a fire-pit outside the quarters for use.

There are two Shearers quarters buildings. The first is a little more luxurious with an innerspring mattress and pillow supplied. There are four rooms with two single beds and one room with a double bed and one single bed.

The second shearers quarters is back to basics and priced accordingly.  Old iron style single beds with no mattress are available for those with a swag who might want to get out of the rain and cold.




Campers Kitchen
Innerspring mattress 


Mattress, pillow, no linen
$15.00 per person

Mattress, pillow, linen supplied
$30.00 per person

Old iron style bed, no mattress
$10 per person
(ideal for those with a swag) 



Take a break from the hustle and bustle.